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Our purpose is to promote tourism in West Virginia by capturing the Civil War history of the region especially along State Highway 33.

The State Tourism Department as well as the Highway Department, and the Culture & History Department, are willing and trying to further our interests. They have helped us get grants in the past and even recently aided our cause both with their expertise and their financial resources, and are willing to assist us in the future in our efforts. This is a win-win effort.

Yes, it is their job, but it is also their love of our great State of West Virginia that keeps us all headed in the same direction. Many small groups are trying to shape and mold the destinies of our small towns, and civil war highways and trails; only by working together in an unprecedented mode of cooperation will we pique the public's interest in our cause. This will in itself help to make our individual and combined parts of the state be as beautiful in the eye of the traveler as it already is in ours, and feasibly help to make us eventually financially sound; and not to mention bring out in the spotlight the historical significance of our towns and state to the travelers.