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WV's Blue & Gray Trail Progress

May, 2011:

Well, it has been some time since we updated this page. Our latest work, has some additional information about the Civil War, locations, events and so on. We'll try to port some of that info onto this page, especially as the 150th anniversary is upon us.


March 25, 2008:

Civil War Trails program now in West Virginia The West Virginia Division of Tourism is partnering with Civil War Trails Inc. ( to implement a statewide Civil War signage/tourism marketing project using the same brand of interpretive signs commonly found along highways in Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina and Tennessee. The Division of Tourism is paying for the purchase and installation of the first 150 qualifying Civil War sites in the state. West Virginia is positioned to benefit from the regional branding and cross-promotion that Civil War Trails offer, especially as we approach the sesquicentennial (150th) commemoration of the Civil War and the birth of our statehood. For information on what types of sites qualify and how to submit a Civil War site in or near your community, contact Justin Gaull at



May 1, 2007

We've added a Documents page to store various program, planning and other relevent documents. The page is HERE.

January 16, 2006

We added a Questions & Answers page to this site.

January 16, 2006

The Ravenswood Development Authority is trying to generate additional interest in the western and northern parts of the county.  We are also trying to arrange, in conjunction with groups from Meigs County, OH, for some type of gathering in the Ravenswood area this summer or in the early fall.  Please visit their site: 

October 30, 2005

The web site goes public
Thanks to the generosity of the Spencer Rotary Club for funding the fixed expenses and Bill Gross for donating his time, this web site is now a reality. Please direct your questions, comments, complaints and such to webmaster AT

October 27, 2005

Task Force Meeting
More than 40 people from various cities and counties attended this meeting, held in Spencer, WV at the Heritage Building. The Task Force presented Paul Mattox, Commissioner of West Virginia Department of Highways with a formal request to re-designate US 33 as the Blue and Gray Trail and to publicize it with directional and informational signage. The desired end state is to capture and preserve the Civil War history of the region, as well as to promote tourism across central West Virginia.

October 15, 2005

Civil War Dedication Ceremony

Civil War Dedication Ceremony

This event, held in front of the Roane County Courthouse in Spencer, WV, commemorated the events of the Civil War by dedicating some fixed monuments. We'll have close up pictures soon.

September 22, 2005

Blue Star Memorial Highway Marker

Blue Star Memorial Sign

The Blue Star Memorial Highway program is sponsored by the National Garden Clubs, Inc. This organization purchases and places markers in various places commemorating and honoring all veterans of wars. The program has its roots in the blue star paper flags issued to families of World War II combatants. The families would display the blue star flag in their window as a badge of honor to show the neighborhood that their family had someone supporting the war effort. This marker is currently located in front of the Roane County Courthouse in Spencer, WV, with plans to relocate the marker to the Ruby Bradley Memorial Bridge, after it is widened.