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Pendleton County, WV

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Pendleton County

Downtown Franklin


A: Henry Simmons House B: Trout Rock
C: Confederate Prayer Service
D: Thorn Spring Park
E: Rev. Meadows
F: Camp Luther
G: Battle of Riverton H: McCoy House
I: Mt. Hiser Cemetery


Civil War heritage in Pendleton County is kept alive through living history events, reenactments, reunions and stories of both Confederate and Union valor. The idea of a Confederate Reunion in Pendleton County appears to have originated with two former Confederate soldiers, Captain Ed Boggs and J. Ed Pennybacker, 20 years after the end of the Civil War. September 5, 1885, was chosen by the "Pendleton County Ex-Confederate Association" as the date for the reunion at Thorn Spring (see Thorn Spring Park). Not only ex-Confederate soldiers, but also former Union soldiers were invited as well. According to old newspaper accounts, the crowd was estimated at 2,500 people. One hundred old soldiers assembled on the grounds and were drilled by Captain Harman Hiner. Following the speech of G.W. Finley, a former member of Pickett's Division, the soldiers gave the famous Rebel Yell.

In 1910, the reunion was held at the Daugherty Hotel in Franklin. A highlight of that reunion was a charge by soldiers on watermelons on the courthouse lawn. The last veteran's reunion was 1925 when only 25 local ex-Confederate soldiers were still living. With the death of George W. Hammer in 1940, a page of Pendleton County history turned, for he was the last of the Pendleton soldiers who fought in the Civil War.

In 1995, 70 years after the last Veteran's Reunion, the Brigadier General James Boggs Camp #1706 Sons of Confederate Veterans revived the reunion picnic. The spirit of the Confederate Veteran lives on through the efforts of local organizations, as does the reunion.

Information furnished by:

Sons of Confederate Veterans
Order of the Bonnie Blue
Pendleton County Chamber of Commerce
Source: The Pendleton Times

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