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Pendleton County, WV

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Union Headquarters McCoy House

Union Army Headquarters and Telegraph Office

The William McCoy house, built with slave labor in 1848, is located on Main Street in Franklin and is currently owned by Browning Boggs.

Used as Union Army headquarters and telegraph office, telegraphs to and from President Abraham Lincoln were sent and received from this house in 1862. Following the Battle of McDowell, a lieutenant from Ohio died in the house (see McCoy House) .

"Stonewall" Jackson's Headquarters

Following the Confederate victory at the Battle of McDowell, the Union army retreated toward Franklin. Jackson set up his headquarters 10 miles south of Franklin at the home of one of his soldiers, Henry Simmons of the 25th Virginia Infantry. This house was built in 1812 (see Henry Simmons House).

Production of Saltpeter

During the 1862 Valley Campaign, the retreating Union Army temporarily held the Confederate Army at the narrow gap of Trout Rock (see Trout Rock).

Throughout the war, Confederate forces used the caves at Trout Rock to gather saltpeter, which is a form of potassium nitrate that occurs naturally and is used to make gunpowder. As a result, the Union Army attacked this operation on several occasions.

"Stonewall" Jackson's Prayer Service

On Sunday morning following the Battle of McDowell, General Jackson and his men attended church service conducted by Adjutant Dabney in the field at the mouth of Smith Creek. It was here that Jackson received orders to return to the Shenandoah Valley (see Confederate Prayer Service).

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