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Pendleton County, WV

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Pendleton County "Heritage Travels" CDs are here!

Take a self guided tour of County sites that may be off the beaten path. Purchase one CD or all four and travel along roads in Pendleton County following the map in the 'Heritage Travels" brochure while listening to stories that you might hear at your Grandma's knee. Each track on the CD relates to a site on the map with a corresponding number. To order complete the form found at under Activities/Driving Tour of Pendleton County. You will be glad you did!

DVD On The Way!

Also, the Pendleton County Chamber of Commerce is working on a Civil War DVD. Watch for this project in late summer.

Spruce Knob

Spruce Knob is the highest point in West Virginia at 4863 feet above sea level. The Spruce Knob area offers hikers vast back country to explore. Nearly 70 miles of trails wind through stands of red spruce, open meadows and along fast-flowing mountain streams.

Signs on the summit note that this area has a "Canadian arboreal" climate. Beautiful northern hardwood forest of maple, beech, birch, cherry and other trees cover most of the area. Spruce trees on Spruce Knob have limbs only on one side because of the strong breeze that continually blows and prevents growth on the other side of the trees, hence the nickname of "The Land of the Whispering One Sided Spruce."

Spruce Knob Tree
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The area provides cool shade in the summer with many opportunities to see spring and summer wildflowers, birds and other wildlife. Freezing temperatures can occur any time of the year. Snow can be expected anytime from October through April. Take the winding country road named Briery Gap Road off US Rt. 28 leading to Spruce Knob and enjoy the view from the highest spot in West Virginia.

Germany Valley

The first family to arrive in the valley was the Hinkles who migrated from North Carolina in 1761. Indian troubles in North Carolina caused them to relocate and they were attracted to this locality by the fertile limestone soils and gently rolling bottomland. The Hinkles were quickly joined by the Teters and other German families from Pennsylvania and Virginia. These settlers brought with them German customs and language. They named this area German Valley because of its resemblance to their home land of Germany.

German Valley
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Located in Germany Valley is the site of Hinkle's Fort built in 1761-1762. It was the only defense of the South Branch after Shawnee Indians, under Killbuck, destroyed Fort Upper Tract and Fort Seybert April 27-28, 1758.

Germany Valley has much to offer people of all ages. Rich in history, spectacular scenery, and picturesque farms, a trip through this country is a rewarding and memorable experience.

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