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Blue Star Memorial

Blue Star Memorial

History of Blue Star Memorials

During WW II the country became entirely committed to supporting the war efforts. As a natural continuation of this, there was excitement in showing appreciation for the service personnel that won that war. As a result, a suitable memorial to honor these men and women became a priority. Earlier war memorials often had been stone or bronze statues or buildings commemorating a hero or a battle. Garden club women visualized a living memorial.

The vision of a Memorial Highway began when Spencer Miller, Highway Commissioner of New Jersey spoke at the 1945 National Council of State Garden Clubs (NCSGC) annual meeting in New York City. He described a joint project of the Garden Clubs of New Jersey and that state's highway department wherein a section of highway was designated in 1944 as a memorial and planted with dogwood trees. It was named the Blue Star Drive in honor of service men and women of New Jersey who had served in WW II. At the 1946 annual meeting of NCSGC it was adopted as a NCSGC Project.

What originally began as a program to honor WW II Veterans, it expanded in 1951 to include all men and women who had served, were serving or would serve in the armed forces of the United States. The program has expanded to accommodate areas such as parks, appropriate civic locations, historical grounds, National Cemeteries and Veterans Administration Medical Centers as well as designated highways.

These markers have been placed on highways from the Atlantic to the Pacific, including Hawaii and Alaska. They not only honor our service personnel but they utilize appropriate plantings, being sensitive to the landscape needs of the area.

Hill and Hollow Garden Club

Hill and Hollow Garden Club will be fifty years old in 2005. In observance of our birthday, we will be hosting a meeting of the Blennerhasset District of the West Virginia State Garden Clubs on Thursday, September 22, 2005 at Heritage Park Community Building, 110 Church Street, Spencer, WV. In conjunction with the day's activities, our club plans to unveil a Blue Star Memorial with appropriate ceremony. The Blue Star Memorial Marker we have chosen is a highway marker seven feet tall and the approximate cost is $1,500.

Peggy Heeter, President
513 Charleston Road
Spencer, WV 25276
h: 304-927-1389
Jo Ann Price, Blue Star Comm
102 Fairview Street
Spencer, WV 25276
h: 304-927-3600
Linda Dolan, Blue Star Comm
370 Slab Fork Road
Spencer, WV 25276
h: 304-927-2332

Hill and Hollow Garden Club meets the first Thursday September through June at 7:00 p.m. in homes of the members. The club is actively engaged in projects at Roane General Hospital, Roane County Library, Heritage Park, City Streets, and the Black Walnut Festival. In addition to those above, club membership includes Jo Ann Atkinson, Carol Board, Dolores Boggs, Shirley Boggs, Joyce Conrad, Betty Dietz, Phyllis Drake, Jean Epling, Pat Evans, Hazeldeane Gordon, Sherri Hardman, Teresa Holcomb, Remy Lo, Roylene Moore, Fanny Reed, Freda Scott, Barbara Starcher, Imogene Starcher, Peggy Starcher, and Dorothy Suit. We are seeking new members and guests are always welcome. Dues are $10.00 per year.

Eve Southall, Secretary
745 Speed Road
Spencer, WV 25276
Ph: 304-927-1356
May ll, 2005